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Website header

Your online store logo

Your logo in the place where it is most commonly found – which promotes your business

Website’s main menu

Here are placed the links to such important information as: shipping terms, payment, warranty, and any other information.

Ad slots

Allows you to tell your visitors about the advantages of your online store


Your phone number will be placed here, because visitors expect to find it right in this place. You can also place your work schedule and callback function here.

Product catalogue menu

Product catalogue menu is the most important navigation item, that’s why it’s placed in the foreground.


Allows, in a split second, to find any product sorted by title, description or code.

Cart, personal

Both are located in the best position, next to each other. Anytime a customer can go to the checkout section and in the personal area they can check the status and history of all orders.

Choosing language and currency

Allows you to make your online store international.

Your online store’s main page

Promotional section

Here you can place your promotions or great deals – this section visitors will see right away

Product categories

Menu with product categories showing the main product categories and subcategories. As visitors move the mouse over the list, it will expand.


Recent product reviews will be shown on the main page, which will increase trust towards your online store


Most popular manufacturers listed in the catalogue

What’s New

Published products, which recently were added to website, will be published in this section. The main page updates automatically.

Recommended products

Just mark the products, which you would like to bring to the attention of your customers.

News and blog

Recent blog articles or news to inform your visitors

Hub page, product categories

Product categories
and subcategories

Two display options: tree-type list and with product picture

Catalogue filters

The filter allows choosing products according to parameters such as price, manufacturer, type, size and so on.

Title and description

Website header and description of your online store. You can use your own unique design for this section.


Allows sorting of products and number of products displayed on the page


Every product has a badge, which displays if this product is on sale, or it’s a new offering or any other info you desire

Product details

As visitor moves the mouse over the product in any page, it will show a brief product description. Also this feature give the option to add the product to the cart or to favorites or to the compare list

Product price

Current price and price before

Favorite products

Visitors can add a product to favorites so they can check it again later. This feature is available only for registered users

Product comparison

For user convenience products parameters can be compared in one table

Product card

Product photo

Add one or more photos of products


Current price and price before discount. Also it shows if the product is in stock or out of stock.


User can choose color or size if available

Product title

Full product name, code and rating among users


Displays main advantages of your online store


Visitor can use the callback function, which is placed below the Buy button. This feature aids conversion marketing.

Follow price

If a visitor now cannot afford to buy a product because of the current price, the website will inform them when it changes.

All together

Here, together in one place, is all main and updated information from the product card: first few sentences from product description, main characteristics, 3 latest reviews and questions from customers, as well as product accessories.


In a separate tab full product description or review is displayed

Product info

All product characteristics in one table


User reviews, which express emotions, the product’s specific advantages and disadvantages as well as total rating


When asking questions you will get adequate answers from honest users and, most importantly, from online store staff

Top part


Accessories, similar products

Makes the buying process easier and increases the total amount of order.

Show the customer all essential accessories for the product.

Advice regarding similar products to ensure completeness of the choice.

Recommend products which you want to bring the attention of your customer.



Here a user can see the amount of money saved using discount.

In the cart user will see the order list with all characteristics (color, size, unit price). Here the user can change the amount of products they want to buy or delete some of them from list. Also shown here is price and total cost.



Simple and easy registration of new users


Old customers can sign in here


Here a user can see the amount of money saved using discount.

Promotion code

Owners of a promotion code can fill it in and receive an additional discount or they can delete the current promotion code until required

Product comparison

Products for comparison as well as their characteristics are displayed in the table and divided by category

Personal area

Here you can find information about completed orders, as well as about orders in the waiting list or canceled orders.

Personal data tab

Allows editing of your personal data, managing your subscription, also here you can change your password.

Addresses tab

Online store allows adding mulitple shipping addresses, such as work and home address. You will need to fill them in just once, the next time you can choose them from the list.

Phones tab

You can add multiple phone numbers and mark them as mobile or fax

Favorite products tab

Display visitor’s wish list

Fill in the application form

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